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Not too long ago, Mikami Kan (三上 寛) – a folk/blues legend in Japan – came to Osaka to play at Imagination Pika Space as part of the Night of 1,000 Eyes series, curated by the serious and mysterious DJ Mike 1,000 Eyes. I’d seen Mikami Kan play once before in Kyoto in tandem with […]

I went to see several NISEUO concerts before I left Japan.  Not only are the members of NISEUO some of the first people I became friends with who were involved with the Osaka underground music scene, but their shows are always incredible events, a quick drop into a densely offbeat avant-punk jazz surreality.  The latest […]

The night after the RF concert, I met up with my friend Mai in Umeda to see Pagol Hot Samprodai play their first show at Club Karma. Our mutual friend, Suganuma-kun, plays tablas and he invited us to the event at Karma, although he warned us that PHS would be playing first, for only a […]

A month or so ago it started to get really hot in Osaka. In fact, it’s been so hot, that the other morning when I reached up to grab a banana from the shelf above the kitchen sink, I instead found myself holding a limp peel that was busy dripping its innards all over the […]

minx zone


After touring Meiji-jingu I stopped on the bridge between Yoyogi-koen and Harajuku Station to listen to Minx Zone play. Their songs were simple, poppy, and pretty — and full of an exuberance that is often produced away in professional J-Pop recordings. J-Pop always holds a lot of promise for me, but about 90% of it […]

On Sunday the 5th I took the train up to Kyoto to meet Akita-san for the Town and Country concert at Metro, a club that showcases lots of interesting experimental music. As it turns out, we ended up spending the entire evening underground, which suited me just fine. Since the show wasn’t going to start […]