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Two years ago I spent six months living on Swan’s Island, one of the most beautiful spots on the planet.  The house that I stayed in was relatively isolated and so I spent a good deal of time by myself, reading and writing, of course, but also spending time down at the two coves that […]

In 2011 I was lucky enough to be able to live on Swan’s Island for six months while working on my writing.  During that time I met a tremendous amount of wonderful people, including several artists and writers.  Gary Rainford lives on the island full time and — when he’s not cooking up lobster to […]

On my last full day on Swan’s Island, a bald eagle — bouncing in flight against the crisp coastal winds — floated in the sky outside of my window while I drank my morning coffee. Later, I walked down to the mud flats and picked about 15 good-sized clams which were cooked up later as […]

One of my last walks on Swan’s Island involved a trek out to Irish Point, a spit of forest-topped granite that juts out between a beautiful rocky cove on one side, and the long crescent of a sandy beach on the other.  This area is called Irish Point because early in the island’s history there […]

A few weeks ago, my walking partner K. and I hiked up to Noah’s Ballast, a field of granite boulders that sits between Goose Pond and Red Point on Swan’s Island.  The interesting thing about this field of granite boulders is that the boulders are made up of a type of granite not found on […]

It’s been a very wet summer in Maine, and consequently mushrooms have been popping up everywhere.  This has resulted in an outbreak of poisonings (174 cases so far) as foragers mistakenly pick non-edible mushrooms, bring them home, and then get sick off of them.  In a recent news story, a woman from the poison control […]

Recently I finished reading A History of Swan’s Island, Maine by H.W. Small, M.D., which was published in 1898 and is full of incredibly interesting historical detail, giving a kind of ground to the ground that I’m living on.  Here are some of my favorite bits. About the original Native-American inhabitants: At that part of […]