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2016 is the Year of the Monkey, plenty of which can be found up in the Minoh mountains, not too far from my apartment. One of the most famous monkey watching spots in the area is Minoh Falls, where the monkeys tend to come out at dusk to pick the mites out of each other’s […]

I promise it’s my last Japanese summer post. And then it’s on to the American summer posts. Or perhaps I’ll even engage in the dreaded “double posting” where the past and the present are ping-ponged in a frustrating and completely unintelligible fashion. In any case, my former colleague Tim Gould came to stay with me […]

On Sunday I went with Richard and Michelle to Minoh Falls, one of the prime spots for watching the momiji turn red in Autumn. Richard and Michelle had another objective, however, since they’’d been up to Minoh Falls plenty of times already — they wanted to see the monkeys. The Minoh monkeys (or ““saru””) happen […]