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I like to listen to as much music as possible, and I’m picky and old-fashioned in two ways: 1) I like to listen to complete albums, beginning to end.  2) I almost never listen to music on a computer, and rarely on a portable digital player; instead, I like to crank up the hi-fi if […]



Masonna (マソナ) is the name that Yamazaki Maso uses for his incredible one-man noise attack unit.  Along with Merzbow, Incapacitants, and Jojo Hiroshige (of Hijokaidan fame), Masonna is one of Japan’s most famous noise artists.  Masonna uses a variety of electronic devices and instruments to create shrieking walls of feedback and violent waves of distortion […]

During the last couple of years I’ve been buying a lot of music through Aquarius Records, which is just about one of the best record stores in the world. Established in 1970 (almost just like me!), Aquarius is a San Francisco institution and specializes in avant-garde contemporary music ranging from massively insane symphonic alterna-pop, to […]

A month or so ago it started to get really hot in Osaka. In fact, it’s been so hot, that the other morning when I reached up to grab a banana from the shelf above the kitchen sink, I instead found myself holding a limp peel that was busy dripping its innards all over the […]

The other night I went to Umeda to see Shinji Aoyama’s new movie, Eli, Eli, Lema Sabachthani?, a meditation on the nature of explorative aesthetic practice and experimental living. Aoyama is the director of Eureka, one of the most incredible films of the last decade, and in his new film he revisits territory that he […]