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On August 14th I read some of my father’s poetry as part of an Obon event held at the wonderful MIIT House performance space, a converted butcher shop (hence the name) that often features avant-garde improvisational music and dance. Performers included, among others, Mangrove Kipling on electro-noise box, saxophonics by  Jonas Labhart and Jerry Gordon, […]

Way back a million years ago in August, Richard and I took a long stroll through the Tennoji and Shinsekai regions of Osaka. Tennoji is interesting because it’s often thought of as one of the places where ‘true’ Osakans live. While it’s a bit run down, it retains a special flavor that the more commercialized […]



Sometime during the middle of August, I can’t remember the precise date now, Richard and I rode the train to Kyoto for the Daimonji festival, a festival in which five large bonfires are lit on the mountainsides around the city to mark the ending of Obon. Obon is the period of time in August when […]