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All photographs taken with a Holga loaded with Fujifilm Professional 400 film. These shots were taken during springtime walks around my neighborhood in Toyonaka, Osaka. I have it on good authority that the car in the bottom photo is a Toyota Levin type TE-27. Advertisements

night sakura


One of the greatest pleasures of cherry blossom season is wandering around at night and finding the bunches and clusters of blossoms illuminated by artificial light. Although there are many places where this is done on purpose and the trees are spotlit and gorgeous, in other places it’s just the streetlights and fluorescents that do […]

Sometime in April (I can’t quite remember the date now) I took the train down to Okayama to meet my friend Hiromi for a stroll through Korakuen, which is rated as one of Japan’s top three stroll gardens. The last time I was there, with my friend Lea, it was pouring down rain and we […]

After strolling through Korakuen, Hiromi and I walked up to Okayamajo, which was quite a different place in blossom than it was in the driving rain which Lea and I had had to walk through last time I visited the castle. Since Hiromi and I were busy concentrating on the cherry blossoms, I didn’t end […]

Of course I’m about three weeks behind on my entries here at troutfactory, but that’s what happens when a new semester begins. In any case, this entry will be the first in a string of entries related to ohanami (blossom-viewing) season. During the beginning of ohanami in Osaka, I took the train up to Minoh […]

sakura tunnel


Here’s a small gallery of photographs taken in Minoh along a beautiful, sakura-lined street that Yumiko took me to see. The trees were in full blossom and the tunnel effect of the branches overhanging the road produced a sense of brilliant snow environment. These trees are so old that many of them are held up […]