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throwing beans


It’s Setsubun today, which means it’s time to throw beans and drive the demons out. And while the soybean savior is driving the demons out, would it be too much to ask for a couple of handfuls to be tossed in the direction of the White House as well? Advertisements

My friend Marié clued me in to this incredible “modern jazz opera” version of the famous legend of Momotaro, who was born from a giant peach and went on to conquer demons.  The video is vertiginously entertaining and the combination of modern jazz, Japanese sprechgesang, mythological imagery, and comedic stagecraft work together surprisingly well. The […]

The Setsubun festival, which is linked with risshun, the traditional start of spring according to the Japanese lunar calendar, is celebrated on the 3rd and 4th of February every year by the throwing of beans and the driving out of the demons. Setsubun is closely associated with the lunar New Year and, like so many […]