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I went to see several NISEUO concerts before I left Japan.  Not only are the members of NISEUO some of the first people I became friends with who were involved with the Osaka underground music scene, but their shows are always incredible events, a quick drop into a densely offbeat avant-punk jazz surreality.  The latest […]

Since the experimental dance group KIKIKIKIKIKI recently held a collaborative performance with Golden Finance, I’ll use that connection to revisit an amazing performance I saw at Kyoto’s Urban Guild about a year ago when KIKIKIKIKIKI teamed up with Pao.  Pao is a group that specializes in modal improvisation based around simple melodic riffs and drifting […]

Golden Finance


How to describe Golden Finance?  Avant-garde, gold-dusted, dancing comedy provocateurs?  Confrontational experimenters in neo-vaudeville exhibitionism?  The weird golden standard of disquieting performance art that leaves everyone rolling in the aisles?  All of these things are Golden Finance. When I went to see them at Osaka’s Shangri-La, they performed several bumping electro-tribal, disco-synchro group dance numbers […]



Masonna (マソナ) is the name that Yamazaki Maso uses for his incredible one-man noise attack unit.  Along with Merzbow, Incapacitants, and Jojo Hiroshige (of Hijokaidan fame), Masonna is one of Japan’s most famous noise artists.  Masonna uses a variety of electronic devices and instruments to create shrieking walls of feedback and violent waves of distortion […]

The night after the RF concert, I met up with my friend Mai in Umeda to see Pagol Hot Samprodai play their first show at Club Karma. Our mutual friend, Suganuma-kun, plays tablas and he invited us to the event at Karma, although he warned us that PHS would be playing first, for only a […]

I thought I was prepared for Takarazuka, but in truth, I wasn’t. Sometime in the middle of May, my friend Julia Cho and her husband Ed came to stay with me during a grant-funded trip through Japan for the purpose of researching popular forms of Japanese art and culture that, in one way or another, […]

3 July, 2005 About a month ago one of my first-year students was selling tickets to a few of the other students at the end of class, so I walked over and asked him what kind of event he was selling tickets for. Although the English of the students in this class is generally at […]