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plum poems


This year’s spring renshi (連詩) — linked poetry — written in rounds by Kiyoko Ogawa (小川聖子), Yoko Danno, Goro Takano (高野吾朗) and myself.  It’s time for plum blossoms. 1. こちふかばにほひおこせよ梅の花主(あるじ)なしとて春を忘るな 菅原道真 when the easterly wind blows send me your scent, ume blossoms, never forget the spring even if your master is far away from Kyo. […]

(Shots taken at the Osaka Castle plum garden, the Expo 70 Memorial Park plum garden, and a couple of prime plum spots near my house.)

plum babies


It’s almost time for the cherry blossoms in Osaka (apparently they’re already out in droves in Tokyo), but plum blossoms come first, while it’s still the cold of winter. Our last stop at Korakuen was the Plum Grove, which was in full blossom, a snowfall field of white, pink, and purple standing out from the […]