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Walking home with colleagues after dinner the other night, we passed this cute sign advertising some porcine parking, and I was reminded once again of how fantastic Japanese is for the making of inventive puns. “Boo boo” (ブーブー) is, of course, what pigs say in Japanese and, as my colleagues informed me, it’s also the […]

The Nose Kaido (能勢街道) is an ancient road that runs from the north part of the city of Osaka, through Toyonaka and Ikeda, and finally up into the Nose area in the far north of Osaka Prefecture.  “Nose” is pronounced like “no say” — not like that large thing that protrudes from your face.  The […]

Because Japanese contains an incredible amount of homophones it’s an outstanding language for making puns.  Especially famous are a class of puns referred to in Japanese as 親父ギャグ (oyaji-gyagu, or quite literally “old man gags”).  These puns — perhaps related to a kind of universal constant in which the humor of old men is self-consciously […]

winter fruits


Every year I help my neighbors, who are both in their eighties now, harvest the persimmons from the tree in their yard.  This year there were more persimmons than usual, though they were smaller — I think I must have plucked several hundred from the tree in the course of a couple of hours.  The […]