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The other night before my winter break started, I went to see the Shirokuma Theatre at Rain Dogs with Marié and friends. What is Shirokuma Theatre, you ask? Shirokuma is ‘polar bear’ in Japanese, but I much prefer the literal translation: “white bear”. White Bear Theatre turned out to be a kind of musical revue […]

Midori Hirano is a piano player and composer who creates an assemblage of dreamy, beautiful, lush and layered sound using a combination of keyboards, computer manipulation, and live instrumentation. The first time I saw Midori play was with RF at Urban Guild in Kyoto. Since that show was so good, I was really looking forward […]

garage chanson


15 July, 2005 After having dinner at a really good Thai restaurant in the Dojima area of Umeda, Anne McKnight and I walked over to Rain Dogs to see Garage Chanson (ガラージシャンソン), a kind of Gothic chanson and comedy act. Here’s Anne’s email description of the duo: The goth accordion people promise to “rid the […]