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self matsuri


Last year, on September 22nd, I finally got around to visiting Osaka’s Self Matsuri (or ‘Self Festival’ — セルフ祭 in Japanese), a DIY street festival held in the Shinsekai neighborhood that I’ve wanted to attend ever since it was first organized several years ago. The festival primarily takes place in a branch of the Shinsekai […]

The recent increase in popularity of Osaka’s Shinsekai area among Japanese tourists has brought with it a proliferation of the Billiken, the “God of Things as They Ought to Be.”  The original Billiken (pictured directly below) sits at the top of Tsutenkaku Tower, and there have always been one or two “false idols” in the […]

All photographs taken using a Holga 120CFN.  The Osaka photographs were taken using Kodak TMX400, while the Nagoya shots were taken with Fujifilm Neopan 400. Keys to the city: 1) This is a shot of a giant, golden, replica of Billiken being used for advertising purposes in the Shinsekai area of Osaka near Tsutenkaku Tower. […]

smartball !!!


My friend Lea recently came to Japan on business, but managed to eke an extra few days of vacation time out of it and came down from Tokyo to visit me in the Kansai. Lea is just about more genki than anyone else I know, so after a week of flying between Shanghai, Seoul, and […]

Tsutenkaku Tower — literally the “Tower Connected to Heaven” — was built in 1912 in Shinsekai’s Luna Park, an amusement park that was one of Japan’s early symbols of modernization/Westernization. Shinsekai, which means “new world,” was designed as a pleasure zone around the turn of the century, and Tsutenkaku was at its center. The original […]

tsutenkaku 360


Were you to put a 100 yen coin into this viewer and move around the entire circumference of Tsutenkaku Tower, you would see precisely the views you see below, though perhaps larger and in greater detail. Tsutenkaku lies somewhere near the center of the greater Osaka metropolitan area, so from these pictures you should be […]

Way back a million years ago in August, Richard and I took a long stroll through the Tennoji and Shinsekai regions of Osaka. Tennoji is interesting because it’s often thought of as one of the places where ‘true’ Osakans live. While it’s a bit run down, it retains a special flavor that the more commercialized […]