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(Just so you know, folks, the links on this page stopped working, so I removed them. So, there’s no actual music available here, just an old post about music that used to be out there in the ether. If I can ever hook it up again, I surely will.) I just got a surprise email […]

This summer when I went back to the States, I spent a few days hanging out with my sister, Oma, in Petaluma. We met out at the converted chicken coop that used to be my dad’s music studio — Studio Um — but which is now used by my sister and my mother for painting. […]

The other night I went to Umeda to see Shinji Aoyama’s new movie, Eli, Eli, Lema Sabachthani?, a meditation on the nature of explorative aesthetic practice and experimental living. Aoyama is the director of Eureka, one of the most incredible films of the last decade, and in his new film he revisits territory that he […]

Credit: Scanned by Cain DeVore. Taken by Trane DeVore. My good friend Daedalus Howell, who often writes for the San Francisco Chronicle, recently penned a story about my father which ran in the Friday edition. The text is as follows: Innovator created new sounds, instruments — Darrell DeVore, apostle of Universal Music, fused ‘primitive spirit,’ […]