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I thought I was prepared for Takarazuka, but in truth, I wasn’t. Sometime in the middle of May, my friend Julia Cho and her husband Ed came to stay with me during a grant-funded trip through Japan for the purpose of researching popular forms of Japanese art and culture that, in one way or another, […]

On the second of December, J.’s friend Dan Nishimoto, who was in Japan to see his relatives, came to visit us in Osaka for a couple of days. Dan (who’s name is pronounced ‘Don,’ as in Don Corleone) used to work at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, but he now spends most of his time […]

On October 9th I went for a fantastic hike with Yoichi-san, or Yo-chan, who works at a film developing stand just outside of the west gate of Ishibashi station. From Ishibashi station we took the Hankyu Takarazuka line and then transferred to the JR Takarazuka line at Kawanishi-Noseguchi. The JR line took us straight up […]