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BLU, the Bologna-based street artist and wall-art animator who is responsible for the amazing COMBO and MUTO videos has recently released BIG BANG BIG BOOM, another masterpiece.  As with his other work, BLU investigates the relationships between animation, artwork, and bringing urban space to life — this time using the twin tropes of evolution and […]

the tanuki zone


The tanuki (狸) is an indigenous Japanese mammal that is sometimes referred to in English as a “badger” or a “raccoon dog.”  Since the tanuki doesn’t actually resemble either closely, I think it’s best to stick to the local nomenclature.  Tanuki have been a part of Japanese folklore since ancient times and are one of […]

This summer when I went back to the States, I spent a few days hanging out with my sister, Oma, in Petaluma. We met out at the converted chicken coop that used to be my dad’s music studio — Studio Um — but which is now used by my sister and my mother for painting. […]