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I must be back in Japan since the cherry blossoms are out and I’m holding a copy of  Ultraman, the 45th Collection (ウルトラマン the 45th コレクシュン) — a mook produced to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Ultraman series, which first appeared in 1966.  As the fan house at the top of the page clearly illustrates, Ultraman […]



After spending the early part of the day in Akihabara, Jess, Tomo, and I headed to Nakano, another node for Tokyo subculture. The center of Nakano’s subculture is the Broadway(ブロードウェイ)building, which contains a stunning array of shops that specialize in used/collectible manga, figurines, limited edition and handmade items (especially t-shirts), and counterculture matériel. Most of […]