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Not too long ago I was asked to take photographs for a friend’s wedding at Osaka’s Sumiyoshi-taisha shrine, a place I’ve written about before.  What really impressed me about the ceremony, aside from the music that was being played while the marriage itself took place within the shrine building, was the procession from the waiting […]

Elizabethan comedy traditionally ends with a marriage that resolves the tensions that have, up to the point of the marriage, been driving the plot along.  My Ayabe trilogy, on the other hand, really has no plot at all so it makes perfect sense to put the happy ending first and then fill in the details […]

What better way to start the new year than to recap one of the biggest social events of the last year — the marriage of Daedalus Howell and April Frederick. I suppose it’s taken me so long to get around to writing about this wedding (which took place in September) because I’m still recovering from the […]

Sometime in April (I can’t quite remember the date now) I took the train down to Okayama to meet my friend Hiromi for a stroll through Korakuen, which is rated as one of Japan’s top three stroll gardens. The last time I was there, with my friend Lea, it was pouring down rain and we […]

On April the first — that would be April Fool’s Day (very appropriate, Tomo) — my friend Tomo and his fiancée, Mariko, got married at the Hotel Okura in Tokyo. Tomo is a longtime friend — in fact, we’ve been friends since high school when he arrived in his junior year as a foreign exchange […]