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winter triptych


All photos taken using an Asus ZenFone 3. Advertisements

The plum blossoms are at full strength, the white magnolia in my backyard is covered with so many blossoms that it looks like a performing waiter balancing a thousand ceramic cups on a thousand arms like some kind of woodland Shiva, and the songbirds have returned to scope out all the good early nesting opportunities.  […]

Winter has hit Osaka with flurries of small snow storms and frost on the neighborhood roofs in the morning.  Because Japanese houses are famously cold in the winter — a phenomenon that’s been extensively commented on by people a lot more clever than myself — all kinds of strategies have been developed to keep warm, […]

Since I didn’t have time to take any photos on my way through Indiana, I thought I’d upload a few shots that I took while I was visiting Terra Haute for a conference several years ago.  Obviously these shots were taken in winter, rather than the green spring when I was there most recently, but […]

A month or so ago I went to Mt. Kongo with Yo-chan and members of the Osaka Daigaku Photography Club. Kongo-san is most famous for the hoarfrost and icicles that cover its forested peak during the winter, but we were too late for hoarfrost and came for the view instead. The weather had been threatening […]