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The epic novel Nansō Satomi Hakkenden was written by Kyokutei Bakin in the 1800s and is 106 volumes long.  Sometimes known in English as The Tale of Eight Dogs, it tells the story of eight samurai half-brothers who are all descended from the same dog and, consequently, all have the character for ‘dog’ in their […]

When you get off of the ferry that takes you from Bass Harbor to Swan’s Island one of the first things you’ll notice are signs in the road pointing the direction to Iver’s Studio, a beautiful wood-shingled studio tucked up in the pines and moss and built by Iver himself.  Iver Lofving is an artist […]

sadao uetani


In December, I bought a beautiful woodblock print in a Kyoto crafts store for my stepmother and her husband as a New Year’s gift. The print, a temple landscape reflected in a pool of water, is defined by its use of subtle gradations of greys and blacks, with a sudden spot of red, like a […]

The Gion district of Kyoto is Kyoto’s “best known geisha quarter.” Located in Eastern Kyoto, home of some of Kyoto’s oldest and most well-known temples and shrines, the Gion district runs along both banks of the Kamogawa, the river that historically brings life to Kyoto, but also flooding and plagues. Yasaka Shrine, formerly known as […]