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Several years ago now, I was interviewed by Dani Burlison for the fantastic, but short lived, Petals and Bones zine/website. Since this interview is no longer available on line, I’ve decided to post it again, here. I’m fairly certain that the self-portrait above was the author image affixed to the original interview. Sadly, the words […]

Not only do I love this kitsune mask that was given to me for Christmas, but I’ve also recently been interviewed by the fabulous folks at Petals and Bones (who are kind enough to refer to me as “a literary virtuoso and photographic heart throb”).  They also claim that I have “an almost conjoined, marsupial-like […]

Lately I haven’t been posting very much to the Troutfactory Notebook, and I’ve been asking myself why.  Partly it’s due to a busy work schedule, but I’ve begun to realize recently that it’s also partly due to the fact that in trying to generate the more elaborate and essayistic pieces that I’ve been trying to […]

The second issue of carnet de route, an incredible magazine of poetry, graphic design, and photography, has just been released and features about 40 photographs taken by yours truly. carnet de route, which is published in France and contains work in both French and English, is edited by Molly Lou Freeman. Jean-Hugues Bancaud is responsible […]