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In his book Cognitive Variations, G.E.R. Lloyd discusses the Russian word toska, a word that denotes the feeling that one gets when “one wants some things to happen and knows they can’t happen.”  It’s like a kind of nostalgia for a future that one already knows will never come to pass.  This strikes me as […]

kyoto: kodai-ji


Kodai-ji temple was founded in 1605 by Kita-no-Mandokoro (popularly known as Nene), the wife of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, in memory of her late husband. It was heavily financed by Tokugawa Ieyasu, “Hideyoshi’s chief vassal and later Shogun of Japan” (from the pamphlet). While the provenance of Kodai-ji is interesting, its most striking aspect is its beautiful […]



After seeing the Miroku Bosatsu at Koryu-ji, J. and I took the bus to Kinkaku-ji (the Golden Pavilion), which is officially known as Rokuon-ji. Kinkaku-ji (金閣寺) was built by Yoshimitsu, the third Ashikaga shogun, who officially abdicated at the age of 37 (in 1394) in order to enter the priesthood. Kinkaku-ji was originally his retirement […]