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The Manbu-Oneri (万部おねり) ceremony takes place at Dainenbutsuji temple in Osaka’s Hirano ward between May 1st and May 5th and depicts the ascension of Buddhist saints to paradise.  The parade involves — in addition to hundreds of priests and community members — 25 monks who don golden Buddha costumes and walk slowly across a bridge […]

During March of 2009 I spent some time traveling in Korea.  I had an especially great time in Pusan, where I spent a few days walking up and down the coastline and visiting several mountain temples, including Beomeosa, a Buddhist temple that was founded in 678.  Beomeosa has an incredibly poetic sounding name when translated […]

I’ve written about Shitennoji temple before, but these three photographs form such a nice set on their own that I decided to add a separate post.  Osaka’s Shitennoji, founded in 593 CE by the ubiquitous Prince Shotoku, is the oldest state-sanctioned Buddhist temple in Japan.  Shitennoji is dedicated to the Four Heavenly Kings — the […]

Enkoji temple (圓 光寺) is one of the nicer places to go for autumn maple-leaf viewing.  The temple was founded as a place for scholarship and learning in 1601 by Tokugawa Ieyasu.  It was originally in Fushimi, in the southern part of Kyoto, but in 1667 the temple was moved to its current location near […]

Since autumn is here and the maple-viewing season is almost upon us, I thought I would drop a few seasonally appropriate posts.  These shots were taken a few years ago on a trip to Shisendo temple (詩仙堂) that was taken together with the lovely Ohta Ikuko.  Shisendo is especially famous for its maple trees, which […]

After a fine morning spent at Kumamoto Castle, Dirk, Nichole and I went down to the bus station to catch one of the hourlies that take you outside of Kumamoto proper to what is probably one of the most amazing, but lesser known, religious and historical sites in Japan. The bus that takes you there […]

On the last day of The Bay Crew’s stay in Kansai, we headed out to Nara to see the Daibutsu at Todaiji. In fact, I think it’s the third time that I’ve been out to see Nara’s Daibutsu, and the Daibutsu and I are becoming old friends. The deer and I are becoming old friends […]